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【大赚小赔】也是近几年来 大部分股票经纪人及投资者一直都想学会的交易策略。






Andy Yew 
Andy Yew (游俊昌) is a top award-winning stock broker turned licensed portfolio manager. He is the founder of the ART Trading System—a systematic and simple trading system that helps him and many others to catch the trends and identify big players in the market without looking at complicated indicators and financial reports. As a stock broker with one of Singapore’s largest privately owned global financial advisories, he has won the Best Performance Award in 2014 and 2015, Top ETF award in 2017, Top 10 CFD Specialist Award from 2013 to 2018 and the Bursa Gold Trophy in 2017.

In addition to a successful trading career, Andy’s speaking engagements include sharing sessions at ShareInvestor, 93.8Live, CITYPlus FM and Capital 95.8FM 城市频道, where he shares his professional views on the market outlook and an array of selected stocks. Andy has also been invited for interviews with MediaCorp Channel 8’s Money Week (财经追击).
    • 大赚小赔策略能让你找到股市中的大趋势,如何正确识别股市中最好的股票
    • ​这项课程将为你展示如何最大化你的利益及利润
    • 这项课程将教会你专业的资金管理,让你在股市中把损失降到最低
    • 大赚小赔策略能让你找到股市中的大趋势,如何正确识别股市中最好的股票
    • ​这项课程将为你展示如何最大化你的利益及利润
    • 这项课程将教会你专业的资金管理,让你在股市中把损失降到最低

    Foreword by Market Wizard...Tom Basso

    I have been around the block a few times in the investing arena and have seen a lot of ideas and read a ton of books. After reading Andy’s new book Win Big, Lose Small, and carrying on an email conversation with him, I realised he had taken the overall concept of trend following, added some of his own concepts, and made the combined result his own strategy.
    He emphasises letting winners run and cutting losses short, a maxim followed by so many good traders over the decades. One very large profit can pay for many small losses, so managing the risks and losers becomes extremely important.
    Andy’s philosophy towards ignoring the news and maintaining your happiness is like my own. I try to keep my emotional balance as neutral as possible. Being too excited with a big winner or being down over a recent loss is not helpful to good trading, and he captures that very nicely. In my opinion, the mental advice in this book is excellent.
    His examples and stories make it an easy-to-read book on investing. Everyone who reads it should come away with one or more good ideas to try in their own trading. Enjoy the read and the ride!

    Tom Basso
    Former President, Trendstat Capital Management, Inc.
    Founder, enjoytheride.world (an educational website for traders)
    "Andy Yew has written a book that captures the keys to profitable trading in one place. Listen to Andy, if you want to win big then you have to lose small!"
    Steve Burns
    "Trading is both an art and science. Andy is well-versed in both aspects. Clients trust him to help them become better traders. If you want practical advice trading the markets, look no further!"
    Luke Lim
    Managing Director at Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
    "An excellent step-by-step guide to the basics, as well as the complexities, of personal investment. This book educates stock investors the common mistakes made and how to avoid them by having a good trend following system. A must read for stock investors"
    Daniel Loh
    DL Investment Director
    “Winning big and losing small is the ultimate goal of every investor.  This book revisits the fundamentals of investment strategy and presents a different investor mindset that could change how you work. An  interesting and essential read for whoever aims to be an outstanding trader!”
    Gao Yixin
    Senior Producer-Presenter, Capital 95.8FM

    Andy is a specialist when analysing the smart money movement in the stock markets. This book contains his inner thoughts on beating the stock market by using his proprietary smart money index.
    Ng Ee Hwa
    ChartNexus Director
    "Investing is a lifelong pursuit and a very personal journey. Many investors swear by their own style of investing and often dismissed everyone else's success as mere luck. Andy has shown from his own personal experience and research that only 10% of the people will consistently make money in the stock market. However, this does not mean that all 10% of these winners are using the same strategy to be successful in the market. In fact, the success in investing is not really about the stock you buy but rather on your investing system.
    As he mentioned, this book is not about technical analysis or fundamental analysis but rather it is about sharing how we can learn from the mistakes and success of others and incorporate these lessons to form our own investment system. If you are just starting out in investing, Win Big Lose Small is a great book to help you get started and avoid many of the mistakes that occur in the market every day. Only through continuous learning can we form an investing system we are confident in following consistently for our entire investing journey. This book will definitively show you how to start that journey."
    Stanley Lim, CFA
    Co-Founder of Value Invest Asia
    Co-Author of "Value Investing in Asia"
    • 如何发现上涨100%、500%,甚至1000%的股票?
    • ​如何在股市崩盘前出场?
    • ​大多数投资者犯的常见错误
    • ​拥有专业投资者的投资思维
    • ​股市行情不好时,什么样的资金管理方式能够帮助你避开大跌/股灾,尽可能将你的损失降到最低
    • ​在股市跑大趋势时,如何最大化您的利益及利润?
    • ​建立专属你的“最强”投资组合,让你在股市中赚大钱!
    • ​看懂现在股市中庄家在投资什么股票,带你找到大趋势股
    • How to Spot stocks that goes up 100%, 500% or even 1000%?
    • How to get out of the market before the Market Crash?
    • The Common and Costly Mistake most investors made (based on my observation from my client's account)
    •  How to think like a professional Portfolio Manager?
    •  Money Management strategy professional use to preserve their capital during bad times.
    •  How to maximise your profit and make your wins even bigger?
    •  The shockingly simple way to building your dream portfolio so that you make a lot of money and still sleep at night
    •  How to spot Big Players in the stock and how this method has help me to ride the big trend?
    •  and many more.....